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Windows Phone 8 – Samsung ATIV S

After two and a half year of struggling with the crappy Android OS on Samsung Galaxy S I’ve finally decided that ‘enough is enough’.

I’ve wanted a small tablet so I can read (blogs and so on) easily so I was a bit into Samsung Galaxy Note II. Along with the fact that this too is an Android phone (OS which corrupts its own system files and lost my whole user data, lags horribly and so on) several fellow colleagues from RONUA (a local programming user group) warned me against as they already are owners.

One told me that approximately 50% of the phone calls he can’t hear the other party nor he can be heard and the other one told me he is experiencing approximately a complete OS freeze once per day. He is only able to restart the device by removing the battery and reinstering it.

I then looked for another-OS, large-display and low-SAR phone in the market. iOS ‘simply works’, I can’t deny but there was no large screen phone available, no low-SAR phone and nonetheless objective-C sucks incredibly bad.
Ironically I found another Samsung, the ATIV S.

Image source : Engadget

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