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When Stackoverflow goes looney like a leftie

I was recently doing reviews on Stackoverflow when a ‘go home you’re drunk’ page ‘caught’ me. Lookie here:

stackoThis was supposed to be a test to catch ‘speeding’ reviewers. I admit that C/C++ are not my strongest points but I can understand code in C/C++ and rarely even write in them.

I guess they went overboard this time.

Random performance findings

TL;DR version :

Upon a curiosity of mine I found out that WCF with basicHttpBinding can be easily beaten (performance-wise) by plain-old ASP.NET even if stripped down of transactions, reliability, security etc. (1500 req/sec vs  800 req/sec)

Also SQL Server Express can handle 1300 inserts per second easily and up to 4300 queries per second just as well. This on a 6+ million rows table and stored on the hard disk not in RAM.

Long version :

A few days ago I was thinking how I implemented a certain web service a few years ago, a few employers ago. Although it was quite fast and efficient it wasn’t scalable. I, then, thought how I should have implemented it.

The web service had to receive an incoming (public) HTTP request, check for a visitor cookie. If there was a visitor-identifying cookie it would check against a data store (in-memory dictionary at that time) to see if that visitor answered.

It was about inviting visitors of certain sites to an on-line survey. A new visitor would be presented with a pop-up box having a “yes”, a “no” and “X” (close) button.

The business rules stated that if the visitor answered yes, the answer would be stored, the pop-up would close and then a new tab/window would appear with the survey. If the visitor answered no, then the same things would happen except opening the survey. If the visitor closed the pop-up, the next time the pop-up would appear again. If the visitor closed three times the pop-up then (s)he wouldn’t be bothered anymore with the invitation.

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WCF service local path

Developing that small WCF presentation that I was talking about earlier, I got stumped on trying to get the local path. The server needs to access the App_Data folder to handle uploads and downloads but it needs the base path for that.

No, you don’t get HttpContext (HttpContext.Current is null) although the service is bound over basicHttpBinding.

Luckily I’ve found via StackOverflow that there is HostingEnvironment.ApplicationPhysicalPath which will help you.

Therefore a simple

public class Service : IService
    private readonly string _dataFolder;

    public Service()
       _dataFolder = Path.Combine(HostingEnvironment.ApplicationPhysicalPath, "App_Data");

.. will suffice.