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Bing it on, Reactive Extensions! – story, code and slides

I held a presentation at UBISOFT Buchares headquarters for the RONUA local programmers user group recently as I’ve announced earlier.
Here’s the contents, step-by-step, final code and slides.

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I was recently tasked with rewriting an app component by leveraging Reactive Extensions. I knew little about Rx (the short form of Reactive Extensions) and all I remembered was that it has two interfaces IObservable and IObserver and it seemed dull at that time.

Basically the component enables search without needing to hit ENTER or a “Go!” button, although provides for these. After the user finishes typing an async request goes to the data store and searches for the phrase entered and fetches the results. In the original implementation the component used a lot of timers, event handlers, private fields all making up a nice spaghetti bowl of code.

Let’s do this step by step and see how our little (demo) app develops. Fire up Visual Studio 2012 and start a new WPF project (.NET 4.5 preferrably). The very next thing we’ll install Rx. Right click on the project in the Solution Explorer and select “Manage NuGet Packages” (you can also use the Package Manager Console if you like it better). Search online for “Reactive Extensions”.

In the result lists (this requires a functional internet connection) select ‘Reactive Extensions – WPF Helpers‘ (the nice thing about NuGet packages is that it automatically resolves and installs all the dependencies). Accept the license(s) (you know what’s the most common lie told these days? “I have read and accepted the terms of the license” :P).

In our demo we will use Bing as the data store which we’ll target through our searches (sorry, Google was too difficult to setup, offered less search requests per month and no C# demo code. Thanks Google, thanks again.). In order to do this you will need a Microsoft Account (I guess we all have one these days). Go to http://www.bing.com/developers/ and then select “Search API” -> Start now (this will lead you to https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/5BA839F1-12CE-4CCE-BF57-A49D98D29A44 ). There are paid subscriptions and a free subscription. Hit signup and go through the process (leave a comment if you are unable to go through this process).

In the end you will need to obtain the (Primary) Account Key and the Customer ID. These are available under “My Account” -> Account Information ( https://datamarket.azure.com/account ). We’ll use these later so save them. Also, don’t share them with other people because these are your credentials. Also visit “My Data” ( https://datamarket.azure.com/account/datasets ) and click on “Bing Search API”‘s “Use” link (far right, https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/explore/bing/search ). Capture the “URL for current expressed query” : “https://api.datamarket.azure.com/Bing/Search/v1/Web“. We’ll also need these later.

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Bing it on, Reactive Extensions!

Next Tuesday (May 14th, 2013) I will be presenting a small demo of how Reactive Extensions can help you out in a desktop application.

I’ll develop a small WPF app that will do internet searching via Bing.

Anyone in Bucharest is free to drop by and watch my demo or my colleague’s demo (Alexandru Gatej will be presenting “Aspects of plan caching and recompilation in Microsoft SQL Server”).

Location and time :

Beginning at 18:30 (Alexandru’s presentation will go first) at UBISOFT Romania ( <- click for map ), 2 Expozitiei Boulevard, district 1, Bucharest. Hope to see many people!